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You’re invited to explore the possibilities at our Virtual Show and map out a course to success: 

  • Discover menu inspiration

  • Talk to industry experts

  • Learn about business solutions


New England Virtual Show


October 13 - October 15, 2020

Live chat available daily 10am - 4pm local time




"Recapturing your Business.. and Growing from there" -- Ken Wasco (50 mins) 

**1 CEU applied for through ANFP, AND, ACF**

As these market conditions positively begin to ease, we know there will be a mad rush to rebuild business volume.  Research has given us insight into successful – and unsuccessful strategies to use.  Learn what is successful across all industries.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: On Demand


"Preventing Malnutrition Among COVID-19" -- Dana Fillmore, Amanda Goldman (50 mins) 

**1 CEU applied for through NAB, ANFP, AND, ACF**

With the validated association between social isolation and malnutrition, we may likely see an increased prevalence of malnutrition as a long term impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Malnutrition has a profound effect on one's health and wellbeing, often resulting in lower quality of health outcomes.  Join this session to hear expert discussion on intervention strategies for food and nutrition professionals throughout the continuum of care.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: On Demand



"Focusing on the Face of Your Business: Brand Identity & Cocktail Program Direction" -- Charles Joly (15 mins)

We will discuss developing a clear vision for our venues, sending a consistent message to our guests and finding a cocktail program that makes sense with your concept.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: On Demand




"Millennials may be the hot consumer (and employee), but they aren’t the only one to focus on" -- Ken Wasco (50 mins) 

**1 CEU applied for through ANFP, AND, ACF**

Don’t believe everything you read and hear.  Today information needs to be viewed from the perspective of what the sender is trying to convince you of.  Let’s cut through the layers, and all that junk science, to get to the core of what is moving people and their buying decisions in your two most important audiences.  Listen, laugh and learn with Ken. 

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: On Demand


"Culinary Trends Today" -- Chef Nick Gonring (50 mins) 

**1 CEU applied for through ANFP, AND, ACF**

Chef Nick takes you through the latest in what is influencing the culinary industry 

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: On Demand



"Do Your Food Safety & Sanitation Practices Protect the Health of Your Staff & Guests ?" -- Milissa Helmholdt, RD, and Rayona Baker, RD,LD (50 mins) 

**1 CEU applied for through SNA,  NAB, ANFP, AND, ACF**

Are you confident that your kitchen's food safety & sanitation practices can protect the health of your staff and guests? It may sound like a daunting task during a pandemic, but serving food safely has always been the responsibility of foodservice operators.  This seminar will guide you through the basics of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, where to focus your attention during an internal audit and a review of resources available to you.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: On Demand



"The Cost of Cocktails, Zero-Proof Drinks and Cocktails-To-Go" -- Charles Joly (15 mins)

As drinking habits change, we'll take a look at maximizing one of our most valuable profit centers through beverage. We'll address our spirited offerings, the low and no-proof trend and the new world of cocktails-to-go in the rapidly evolving market. 

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: On Demand